We Get You Back To Doing What You Love, Faster.

Welcome to Six Core Outcomes. We understand how frustrating it is when pain holds you back from doing the activities you love the most. Work with an Osteopath to feel better, recover faster and get stronger than ever!   

What Makes Us Different?

At 6CO | Osteopathy & Clinical Exercise we may think like clinicians, but we act like coaches. We believe that overcoming pain and injury should be no different to other health-related goals such as losing weight, building muscle or improving cardiovascular fitness. 

The traditional “clinic” model revolves on quick-fixes, unnecessary passive treatments and endless patient re-bookings. This leaves clients often walking out with more problems than they arrived with. 

Imagine going to a healthcare provider and working together to establish what you can do, rather than constantly being told what you can’t do… (you already knew that!). 

We use the latest technology to address the cause of your injury and develop individualised rehab plans designed to decrease your pain, rebuild your confidence and get you back to doing the activities you love the most.  


Our Philosophy

We recognised that traditional clinic models are not working.

Our PRP Method™️ applies the most up-to-date scientific evidence online or in-clinic, combining the unrivalled access & support of conventional fitness coaching with the expertise of a qualified Osteopath. 

Our method includes three distinct phases; protect, restore & perform. Using this treatment coaching model we can progress you through your entire recovery process from pain-management to completely exceeding your own physical expectations.

Whether you choose the session-to-session option or elect to work alongside us throughout your recovery, we’ll apply the PRP Method™️ principles to ensure you get the best possible treatment available. 



Use our movement & strength assessments to get to the bottom & treat your pain!

Clinical Exercise

Work alongside your Osteopath as you gain confidence & become fitter & stronger than ever.

AxIT Strength Assessment

Wondering if your gym program is actually working? Book in for an assessment.

Longevity Project™️

Join our done-for-you programming designed to get you strong, fit & feeling great!

Technology Normally Reserved For Elite Sporting Clubs...

6CO | Osteopathy & Clinical Exercise is one of the few facilities in Melbourne with access to the AxIT Strength System, technology previously reserved for elite sporting clubs.

We can identify any imbalances or weaknesses to determine what’s causing your pain. It also allows us to accurately track your progress as we work towards your complete recovery.  


Stop Missing Out On Life Due To Pain, Injury Or Lack Of Physical Fitness...

Imagine how you would feel if you let us take the guesswork out of your health and fitness. Life is too short to miss out. Book an appointment today.