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Strengthen your body through movement to redefine your limits

If you’re looking for a health professional with a focus on proactive health management, building confidence & empowering clients to succeed on their own, Six Core Outcomes is for you.

What We Do

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At Six Core Outcomes, we understand how frustrating it is when pain holds you back from doing the activities you love the most. Work with an Osteopath to feel better, recover faster and get stronger than ever.


Everybody deserves to feel physically capable & confident. It’s natural to feel uncertain during times or pain & injury, that’s where we come in.


It doesn’t matter where you’re located. Although based in Melbourne, we have digital services that can cater to you anywhere in the world. 


We highly value clear & honest communication. Right from our initial appointment we’ll set clear goals and expectations together.  


When you work with us you know you’re joining a team that shares a common goal – getting you back to doing what you love most.


Success is a team sport. We’re 100% focused on working with you to determine a treatment plan & create the best possible outcomes. 


If you’re committed to getting better, we are too. Our aim is to create long-lasting results and build your confidence so you can self-manage long into the future!

Osteopath Melbourne

We think like clinicians, but act like coaches

At Six Core Outcomes, we’re qualified osteopaths and personal trainers.

We believe that overcoming pain and injury should be no different to other health-related goals such as losing weight, building muscle or improving cardiovascular fitness. 

Osteopath Melbourne

Science-Based Pain & Rehab Approach

We use the latest health research to address the cause of your injury and develop tailored pain and rehab plans designed to decrease your pain, rebuild your confidence and get you back to doing the activities you love the most.  

Remove the guesswork from your pain

Stop missing out on doing what you love. Life’s too short. Book an appointment today.