Put Your Strength To The Test With Our AxIT System.

Using our AxIT Strength System technology we complete a full 60-90min movement & strength assessment to identify any weaknesses or imbalances. Then we give you the full report so you know exactly what to work on!

If You're Not Measuring, You're Guessing. We Don't Guess With Your Health.

Using the latest technology, we complete a full-body movement & strength analysis which can highlight asymmetries or weaknesses in your body. 6CO is one of the few clinics in Victoria with access to this equipment which was previously reserved for elite sporting clubs!

The AxIT System can be used to assess strength & power through a variety of different movements including squats, deadlifts, lunges, hops, jumps, push-ups & many more!

Not only does this identify any imbalances, it allows us to re-assess & make sure you are constantly making progress with your rehab plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking An Assessment?

✅ Identify potential imbalances & weak points giving you the information you need to know exactly what to work on in the gym or with your coach. 

✅ Avoid potential injury by developing an accurate baseline we can avoid over-use injuries which are often developed by people doing “too much too soon” when they start their fitness journey.

✅ Feel confident before hitting the gym with all of the technique cues you’ll ever need to train for the rest of your life! We give you specialised squat, hinge, lunge, push & pull exercises suited to your body.

✅ Measure your progress & never guess again! We can tell you exactly if & how much you have improved by each re-assessment.

✅ Enjoy discounted re-assessments our goal is to keep you engaged and working towards constant developing with your health & fitness. Any review sessions will be marked down 15% from the initial assessment price.

✅ Results & summary delivered by your Osteopath we provide a detailed report after your assessment which includes all of your testing results along with the key-points & summary suggestions of what to do next…

Book In To Come & See Us Today!

It’s so important for anybody who is currently dealing with some form of physical limitation due to pain, injury or lack of physical fitness to get off to the best possible start. After your strength assessment we’ll discuss the best option for you. Whether you choose to go session-to-session or join our PRP Method™️ fixed-fee program, our initial assessment together will be highly valuable!