Build Confidence & Come Back Stronger Than Ever.

Learn to build strength safely & effectively with guidance from your Osteopath & Clinical Exercise expert. Get back to doing what you love most & create results that actually last.

Ageing Is Inevitable, But "Getting Old" Is Optional.

We are living in the middle of a Global Inactivity Crisis. In 2017/18 over 74% of Australians were considered overweight or obese. We often confuse the effects of inactivity with the ageing process itself, and believe certain diseases are purely a result of getting older. Actually, our modern sedentary (inactive) lifestyles have simply sped up our age-related decline. Being sedentary goes against evolution!

Human beings were designed to move.

Inactivity & chronological ageing have remarkably similar effects on muscle mass, fat mass, bone-density & risk of developing chronic disease. 

 We believe every person is entitled to healthy longevity, prevention of non-communicable chronic disease & sustainable athleticism. You deserve to keep doing the things you love for as long as possible!

What To Expect From Your Clinical Exercise Sessions?

✅ Recapture your physical confidence & come back stronger than ever.

✅ Build strength, power, endurance & mobility under expert guidance.

✅ Get back to performing day-to-day activities pain-free.

✅ Learn how to manage & navigate any “flare ups” of your pain.

✅ Become confident with self-management between sessions.

✅ Work hard & actually make progress in a safe environment.

✅ The chance to troubleshoot rehab or general exercise technique issues.


Why Choose Us?

✅ You’ll receive around-the-clock support. Unlike the traditional Osteopathy treatment model, you’ll never have to feel like your progress is slowing down or wait weeks to ask your osteopath a question. 

✅ With the fixed-fee PRP Method™️ there are never any surprises. Instead of paying for weekly 1:1 osteopathy services, personal training  & nutrition support separately, it’s all included in the one price that makes it affordable for almost anyone.

✅ We get you moving on day one. Unlike more traditional ‘hands-on’ clinics we recognise that ultimately getting back to the activities you enjoy requires preparation. Whilst we still use manual therapy techniques, we have a strong focus on rebuilding & bullet-proofing your body against re-injury. 

We provide solutions, not more problems. How often have you walked out of a clinic with more problems than when you went in?   

✅ You’ll never forget your exercises with 4K video technique demonstrations & personalised programs delivered directly to your mobile phone or computer. Not sure about one of your exercises? Simply message your osteopath directly within the app! 

✅ You’ll always know you’re making progress. At 6CO we use the state-of-the-art AxIT Strength System to determine exactly where your imbalances or weaknesses are. We use this baseline to develop your program and re-test to make sure you are always making progress.

Want To Know How You Can Start Working With Us?


Must have had an Initial Osteopathy Assessment
$ 85
Clinical Exercise | 45min Session
  • Client History & Subjective Assessment
  • Physical Examination & Diagnosis
  • Individualised Treatment
  • Client Management Plan

PRP Method™️

Fixed-Fee Support From Your Osteopath
$ 127
Per Week | Direct Debit
  • AxIT Strength Assessment & Progress Reviews
  • Pain-Management Treatment Plan
  • Specific Rehab & Strength Program
  • 24/7 Support Osteopath Support
  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions (In-Clinic | 30min)

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Book Your Initial Appointment

It’s so important for anybody who is currently dealing with some form of physical limitation due to pain, injury or lack of physical fitness to get off to the best possible start. Whether you choose to go session-to-session or join our PRP Method™️ fixed-fee program, our initial 60 minute assessment together will be highly valuable!

We will thoroughly assess & diagnose your injury, understand your goals & commence immediate & effective treatment. The secret to getting ahead is getting started, so let’s get to it. 

Our Guarantee

We stand by our results. If after your first AxIT System review you haven’t improved, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. We don’t make excuses, we just get results. If you aren’t head over heels thrilled with your experience with us, then we don’t deserve your money. 



Yes. It’s essential that you book in & attend your initial assessment with your osteopath prior to commencing any clinical exercise sessions. These exercise sessions are based on your initial assessments & your current physical goals.

No, you don’t need a referral to see an Osteopath. They are Primary Healthcare practitioners, anyone can make an appointment. Your general practitioner (GP) or specialist may recommend Osteopathic treatment for certain conditions. If you are unsure as to whether your specific complaint can be helped by Osteopathy, please call or email to clarify.

People with “extras” cover as part of their Private Health Insurance are able to claim a portion of their treatment costs. Your statement will be sent to you so you can claim if you are eligible. The team at Care To Compare can help you find & compare private health insurance policies that include osteopathic benefits

As our focus is to get you moving as soon as possible you are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing you can move & exercise freely in.

No. These sessions are strictly exercise & rehab-focused.

We have the luxury of having access to brand new equipment including; functional cable machine, dumbbells, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, slam balls, power rack, traditional barbells, trap bar & safety squat barbell.

PRP METHOD™️ | In-Clinic:

You didn’t get to where you are now overnight, and unfortunately you won’t get to where you want to go with a quick-fix, either. Our program is designed to run for sixteen (16) weeks, which is aligned with the typically healing time for most tissues in your body. This time-frame let’s us guide you through the three phases of protect, restore & perform to get you back doing what you love pain-free! 

We totally understand. We’ve worked at big commercial gym and understands how a lot of trust has been lost with direct debit (DD) memberships. If you don’t feel comfortable setting up a DD with us, paying upfront for 16-week period is still available to you. 

There are lot of inclusions in the program that you don’t pay for that we build into the ongoing subscription. If you choose to work with us, we have to account for these extra inclusions. Therefore there is a minimum term of four (4) weeks. The program is designed to truly incentivise those that are fully committed to the process.

Yes. When you pay upfront for a 16-week duration you’ll save over $300.

Our PRP Method™️ | Online program will hopefully be released in early 2022. This option will be made available to those clients wishing to work through our system with us, but are unable to attend in-person. Ultimately attending the clinic in-person is recommended for best results & to take advantage of our AxIT Strength System.