Keep Doing What You Love... For Longer!

Muscle mass & strength peaks between the ages of 20-30 and naturally starts declining by ~1% per year, every year. The good news? This is all preventable! (and it’s never too late).

The Longevity Project™️ is all about training for life. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old or pushing 70… you deserve to keep doing the things you love in life for as long as possible!

Every Day Performance, For Every Day People.

Every session is written by Dr. Matt Corbin – Osteopathic Doctor, Coach & Director of Six Core Outcomes | Osteopathy & Clinical Exercise.

📆 Done-for-you programming 6 days per week, choose from gym-based, bodyweight home workouts or mobility routines.

📞 Direct access to your osteopath for any questions you have about the programming or your health & fitness in general.

🦴 Joint-friendly workouts designed to challenge you, whilst sparing your joints from common aches & pains.

🎬 Exercise video guidance so you always know exactly what & how you’re doing an exercise.

💪 Move better. Feel better. The 10min mobility routines can be used as a warm up or to break up your day.

No experience necessary. Every exercise has options to progress (make harder) or regress (make easier)!

👥 Join a growing community of like-minded people who want to stay healthy & active for as long as possible!

☕️ Costs less than two coffees per week. For under $2/day you can have access to an evidence-based workout plan. 

🎯 Become part of the top 15%. Did you know 85% of people don’t meet the minimum physical activity recommendations?