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At Six Core Outcomes, we believe in strengthening your body through movement to redefine your limits. Discover more about Six Core Outcomes and how we’re helping the people of Blackburn South redefine their limits.

From injury to six core outcomes

When I was 17 years old, getting ready to represent my school in DIV1 basketball I was dealing with some horrible knee pain. I had already been forced to abandon my football career due to injuries at 16 years old. I could hardly walk & I finally visited a doctor who promptly told me I would need surgery ASAP.

I wouldn’t be playing basketball and I might not play again.

I was 17 years old, sport was my outlet and this GP took that away from me in 5 minutes with nothing but words & a poor assessment.

It left me frustrated, broken and scared.

My mum, in desperation, booked me an appointment with a physiotherapist. His name was Charlie and he’s the reason I do what I do today. See unlike the GP, he understood what playing sport meant to me.

My mum to this day still remembers the look on my face when he told me I would be able to play. We worked together and I managed to play the entire season. I’d found something I wanted to dedicate my life to – putting that same look on peoples faces.

I know what being physically active & capable means to people.

It’s not just about sport, it can be anything. Hiking on weekends, playing with your kids or just being able to make it through the day without pain. The physical performance might look different for everybody but it all feels the same when it’s taken away from you.

Meet the team at Six Core Outcomes

Meet Dr Matt Corbin (Osteopath)

With over a decade of experience, Matt has helped thousands of clients find sustainable ways to improve and maintain their health and well-being by combining the benefits of osteopathic treatment with exercise programming, nutrition, lifestyle advice and educational content.

Matt’s Qualifications:
– Bachelor of Biomedical Science
– Bachelor of Clinical Science
– Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)
– First Principles of Movement Healthcare Provider
– Certified Biomechanics Specialist
– Certificate III/IV in Fitness
– ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist

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Our Values:

What’s in a name? For us – everything. The Six Core Outcomes represent the values we want to bring to both our clients and the health industry.

Everybody deserves to feel physically capable & confident. It’s natural to feel uncertain during times or pain & injury, that’s where we come in.

We pride ourselves on creating a safe, friendly & welcoming environment. When you work with us you know you’re joining a team that shares a common goal – getting you back to doing what you love most!

It doesn’t matter where you’re located, we have services that can cater to you. Our PRP Method™️ | Online program will be launching in 2022 to help individuals all over the world.

Success is a team sport. Rather than put ourselves up on a pedestal, we’re focused on working with you to determine a treatment plan & create the best possible outcomes. 

We value clear & honest communication very highly. Right from our initial appointment we like to set clear goals & expectations. If we aren’t confident we can help you, we’ll point you in the right direction.

We ask for your commitment, in return you have ours. Our aim is to create long-lasting results & build your confidence to self-manage long into the future! We are not like your traditional clinic-model.

Remove the guesswork from your pain

Stop missing out on doing what you love. Life’s too short. Book an appointment today.