Online Coaching Melbourne

Get Coached Online By A Qualified Osteopath

If you’re looking for an online solution combining the in-depth skills & knowledge of an osteopath combined with 12+ years of experience in the fitness industry, 6 Core Outcomes is for you.

Online Coaching Melbourne

Everybody Deserves To Feel Physically Capable & Confident

With our background in personal training, biomedical science, osteopathy, nutrition and more, we’re fully equipped to help you strengthen your body through movement to redefine your limits.

We are unique.  We’re not limited to just helping people with fitness or nutrition goals, we have helped people manage pain and injury through our online services.

Here’s a list of the most common things we help people with online:

– Chronic Back Pain
– Sports Injuries
– Weight / Fat Loss
– Postural Pain
– Nutrition Guidance
– Building Strength / Muscle

At Six Core Outcomes, we believe everybody deserves to feel physically capable & confident. It’s natural to feel uncertain during times or pain & injury, that’s where we come in. Work with our online Osteopath to feel better, recover faster and get stronger than ever.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Online Coach?

More Affordable

There are no financial surprises with our fixed-fee monthly coaching costs. No travel costs or 1:1 clinic time means you’ll save more time & more money. 

Access Anywhere

We’ll deliver your personalised program directly to your phone or computer. Each program has clear instructions & includes 4K video demonstrations.

More Expert Support

Get real-time answers to all your questions about your program. Don’t wait for the “next available” appointment, enjoy direct access to a health expert.

Increased Flexibility

Work around your own schedule, not ours. Complete your rehab or workouts when & where it suits your lifestyle. Less rigid programs improves consistency.

Track Progress & Results

Having a system to track your progress helps us identify obstacles & highlight how far we’ve come. We also use this data to continually update your program.

More Accountability

It has been consistently shown that people who get the best results take control of their own situation. Our weekly check-ins help guide accountability. 

How Does It Work?

1. Online Application

To maximise our time together you’ll fill out a digital application form which gives us important information before your consult.

2. Initial Consult

During our first consultation we’ll discuss your goals & develop some strategic milestones for hitting all of your targets.

3. Program Design

Over the next 24-48hrs we’ll create your program. You’ll receive an invitation to download our app.

Track Progress

Using our app, you can log in & see exactly what you’re doing each day with video & audio guides. Track your results.

Weekly Updates

Each week we’ll check-in & review your program. This flexible approach makes sure you are constantly progressing.

24/7 Chat Support

The best feature of our online coaching program is direct access to your Allied Health Professional.

Online Coaching Melbourne

We Make Investing In Yourself Easy With Our Fixed-Fee Price

Unlike most traditional ‘hands-on’ clinics that focus on client rebooking rates, we’ve created an unrivalled level of support at a fixed monthly price that makes it affordable to almost anyone.

How many times have you put off booking an appointment because of the steep price? We want to remove as many barriers as possible & make healthcare easily accessible & affordable. 

Online Coaching Melbourne

Imagine Having Direct Access To Your Health Professional

When you subscribe to Online Coaching at Six Core Outcomes you’ll have direct 24/7 chat access to your Osteopath. You’ll never have to wait weeks for the “next available” appointment to ask a question.

Unsure about one of your exercises? You’ll have full access to clear directions, written instructions & high quality 4K video demonstrations within the app. Still confused? Message us directly!

Remove the guesswork from your pain

Stop missing out on doing what you love. Life’s too short. Book an appointment today.