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The Six Core Outcomes education centre is all about dropping knowledge bombs, bust a whole bunch of myths about the human body and provide solutions for you to improve your overall health.

It’s time to step-up your game with our collection of blogs, downloadable resources and exercise video library.

Low Back Rehab:

1. Cat Cow

2. Lumbar Roll

3. Pelvic Tils

4. Child's Pose

5. Back "Big 5" Drill

6. Bird Dog

7. Dead Bug

8. Plank Variation

9. Shin Box

10. Shoulder Taps

11. Glute Bridge

12. Rolling Plank

Lower Body Rehab:

13. Wall sit

14. Couch Stretch

15. Hip Thrust (single leg)

16. Hip "Big 3"

17. Counterbalance Squat

18. Calf Raise

19. Split Squat

20. Reverse Lunge


Cat Cow

Cat Cow

Cat Cow

Cat Cow

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