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85% of australians aren't physically active enough!

We often confuse the effects of inactivity with the ageing process itself, and believe certain diseases are purely a result of getting older. Actually, our modern sedentary (inactive) lifestyles have simply sped up our underlying age-related decline. Being sedentary goes against evolution. Human beings were designed to move!

Inactivity and chronological ageing have similar effects on muscle mass, fat mass, bone density and risk of chronic disease. Whilst inactivity and obesity are now common, they are certainly not normal. Picture this, an active 80-year old with the same physiology as an inactive 50-year old. Whilst we could be fooled into thinking that an active lifestyle has slowed or even reversed the ageing process itself, the 80-year old is exactly as designed. It’s the inactive 50-year old that is ageing prematurely.

Your lean muscle mass contributes a whopping 65% to the energy you burn every single day (even at rest). This is because not only do your muscles help with movement and function, they are the largest reservoir of proteins that are constantly being broken down and regenerated. These proteins are the fuel to every physiological process that keeps you alive and functioning.

As we get older our bodies continue to break down these proteins and create the fuel we need, but our ability to deposit new proteins back into the muscles diminishes. So much like it sounds, it becomes easier to lose muscle than build it as we age.

most common reasons people train with us:

● Feel safer with qualified Osteopaths
● Have struggled to find a PT in the past
● Constantly getting injured at the gym
● Sick of trainers who just “smash them”
● Like somebody who can adapt the session
● Have ongoing issues to work around
● Ready to take control of their health
● Are interested in learning about their body
● Have put off making changes for too long

In our experience, these are the three most common goals people share:

1. Build lean muscle / lose body fat
2. Feel more confident or attractive in their own skin
3. So they can keep enjoying their activities & hobbies without pain

At Six Core Outcomes, as qualified Osteopaths, Biomedical Scientists, Personal Trainers & Nutritionists we believe the most important thing is to create a realistic game plan to get you to your goals. After that structure, it’s our job to work together to provide feedback and keep you motivated and accountable.

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why does six core outcomes focus on health & fitness?


We believe you are the hero of your own health. Perhaps you just don’t know it yet! We’re here to help plan, guide, motivate and keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set yourself.

It’s our focus at Six Core Outcomes to create sustainable, healthy lifestyles with all of our clients. We work with clients on their health and fitness both in-person and online.  

What are some of the benefits of In-Person Coaching?

● Osteopath guidance
● Learn safe technique
● Brand new equipment
● Small private gym
● Instant feedback
● Motivation & accountability

What are some of the benefits of Online Coaching?

● More affordable
● Access anywhere
● 24/7 chat support
● Increased flexibility
● Track progress
● Stay accountable

When you subscribe to Online Coaching at Six Core Outcomes you’ll have direct 24/7 chat access to your Osteopath. You’ll never have to wait weeks for the “next available” appointment to ask a question.

Unsure about one of your exercises? You’ll have full access to clear directions, written instructions & high quality 4K video demonstrations within the app. Still confused? Message us directly!

At Six Core Outcomes we live at the intersection of manual therapy and movement science. We assess tissues and joints and if needed will use restorative input (dry needling, cupping, mobilisations etc) to decrease pain, release tight muscles and remove barriers to movement.

So whilst your appointment may include manual therapy or restorative input, we appreciate the short-term nature of the benefits and will aim to progress you to a movement-based intervention as soon as your body allows.

Remove the guesswork from your pain

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