Osteopathic Treatment Blackburn South

What Osteopaths Treat at Six Core Outcomes

Here at Six Core Outcomes, our osteopaths treat lots of different conditions. From sports injuries and postural pain to low back pain and arthritis, discover more about what we treat and how we can help you today.

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What We Treat

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Osteopathy Melbourne

We Work With More Than You Think. We're Proactive.

At Six Core Outcomes we’re passionate advocates for proactive health care solutions! This means we work with more than just injuries, sprains or strains. We help motivated people make change. 

Why wait until you’re injured or struggling to start taking charge of your own health? With our help (online or in-clinic) we can create a strategic management plan to have you feeling better than ever.


Osteopathy Melbourne

Looking For A Holistic Health Solution In Blackburn South?

With generous appointment lengths, we take your health seriously. Osteopathic assessments, movement screens & latest strength-testing technology gets us to the bottom of your issue.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the human body, we set achievable targets & determine the best approach to get you there. We believe you are the hero of your own health. We just guide the way.

Remove the guesswork from your pain

Stop missing out on doing what you love. Life’s too short. Book an appointment today.