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What a pain in the neck!

Neck pain is quite common and can be incredibly debilitating and impact your day-to-day quality of life. It can also be very frustrating as you may have even woken up with it without having any issues the day before!

Neck pain can lead on to other consequences such as headaches or migraines so it’s important to figure out some of your day-to-day triggers.

Often neck pain is due to heightened muscular tension. This tension develops if we’ve spent too long in a static position (ie. prolonged office-based desk-work) or even during times of high stress.

Some potential causes of Neck pain:

● Disc irritation
● Facet joint irritation
● Headaches / migraines
● Poor quality sleep
● Tight muscles
● Ligament sprains
● Prolonged postures
● Poor office ergonomics
● High stress levels

In our experience, neck pain is often due to three main factors:

1. Increased levels of stress held in neck musculature
2. Prolonged office-based desk-work in static postures
3. Decreased strength in deep neck stabiliser muscles

At Six Core Outcomes, as qualified Osteopaths and Biomedical Scientists we believe the most important thing is to determine the “root cause” of your symptoms and work together to prevent them from coming back.

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how do we treat neck pain at six core outcomes?


A typical appointment at Six Core Outcomes for neck complaints will involve ruling out any serious conditions before performing a comprehensive functional movement screen. By looking at how you move and using our state-of-the-art AxIT Strength System we can create a baseline for treatment and rehabilitation. 

Using our function-based approach rather than a pain-based treatment model it allows us to establish a working theory on the underlying root-cause of the pain symptoms. 

Some of our most-used neck treatment techniques include:

● Finding aggravating movements & postures
● Education on possible causative factors
● Dry needling & cupping for tight muscles
● Electrotherapy for temporary pain relief 
● Provide an ergonomic workstation assessment
● Suggest movement breaks during work
● Deep neck stabiliser muscle exercises
● Encourage maintenance of general fitness 


Depending on your specific presentation your appointment may include:

● AxIT System strength testing
● Functional movement screening
● Neurological & orthopaedic tests
● Dry needling / functional cupping
● Electrotherapy (TENS / e-stim)
● Joint mobilisations
● General soft tissue work
● Stretches & strength exercises
● Ergonomic recommendations
● Activity modifications
● Lifestyle adjustments

At Six Core Outcomes we live at the intersection of manual therapy and movement science. We assess tissues and joints and if needed will use restorative input (dry needling, cupping, mobilisations etc) to decrease pain, release tight muscles and remove barriers to movement.

So whilst your appointment may include manual therapy or restorative input, we appreciate the short-term nature of the benefits and will aim to progress you to a movement-based intervention as soon as your body allows.

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